time to power up

We’re putting this crazy world back in balance one crystal at a time. Read on to find your perfect crystal side-kicks who’ll help energy flow freely through your seven chakras, as well as help out with other stuff that might be going on in your life right now.

find your perfect match

Ready to find your sidekick and get those energy wheels balanced again? Just choose whatever is bothering you from the drop down below Then we can suggest some crystal pals to get that energy flow back on track.

Every single crystal is unique. the crystal you receive is meant just for you so its shape, colour and size will be different from everyone else’s. cool huh. thanks mother nature!

You might get one option, a few, or be taken to a specific energy bracelet or power pack to align your chakra. It all depends on what’s up and going on inside.

This is about energy in baby!

Chakras. The low down…

It’s all about good vibrations

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