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So, Power Packs or Energy Bracelets?

Think of Power Packs as healers, whereas our energy bracelets are your little helpers. Both help you achieve those wild dreams and live bolder than before, but they work on different levels.

All crystals have the ability to help with lots of different things – yup, they are clever little pals! – so feel free to further research your new side-kick and discover more magic.

Energy Bracelets

You’ll be after a little helper by your side when it comes to things like; sleep, wealth, leadership, anxiety, weight loss, self-confidence, new business, separation and grief. check out our energy bracelets.

Power Packs

Each Power Pack is tailored to target a different chakra. Power Packs are what your energy is waving out for if you find yourself dealing with specific emotional and physical imbalance often. Your crystal will be your partner in crime for as long as...ever.