About Us

Having forged a successful career in the advertising and creative industry both here and overseas, New Zealander Megan’s life took an exciting turn when her son Jimmy was born six years ago and her entrepreneurial sixth sense was ignited...

The creation of her first business, a natural haircare range for children inspired by her own problem with unruly toddler manes, was hugely successful and now Megan is on to her newest endeavour – Earth, Wind & Indigo.

Again, inspired by personal experience, Earth, Wind & Indigo is the realisation of Megan’s own belief in the life-altering potential of crystals to help centre, revitalise and realign an individual’s everyday living. A dedicated student of the teachings of internationally celebrated crystal gurus Robert Simmons and Judy Hall, Megan has seen her passion flourish into a venture she knows will have a positive impact for those who choose their own wearable piece of magic.

With not a hippyish dream catcher or crushed velvet dress in sight, Megan’s vision for the brand reflects her own aesthetics of sophistication, striking colours, crafted quality and urban living. Her pieces are personally designed, crafted and the crystals are hand selected by her for their individuality.

Megan Sanders

A frequent traveller to Bali and Brazil where her materials for Earth, Wind & Indigo are sourced, Megan also loves adventuring with her family in their ‘70s Ford campervan searching for the best surf breaks!